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Composites material of metal and 100% EPDM rubber. Applicable on architecture-roofing, machine, and automobile area.Great performance on weather, UV and O3 resistance.
High quality EPDM, which has the abilities of aging resistance, high and low temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, ozone resistance and ultraviolet resistance.

Combined 304 stainless steel with EPDM, this washer is anti-rust and anti-aging, can avoid heat expansion and cold contraction while installing, and enhance the fastening effect as well as the function of sealing, dust-proof, waterproof.
The washer is slick, hard and thick, widely used in electrical equipment, industrial machinery, wind power and solar energy engineering, residential construction and housing etc. industries.
Excellent conductive performance for powder painting screws.
Reduce the failure painting risk.

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