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All-Around fastener services

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Tapping Screw / Trilobular Thread Forming Screw / Machine Screw
Self Drilling Screw / Roofing Screw / EPDM Bonded Washers / EPDM Rubber Washers / Drywall Screw / Deck Screw / Chipboard Screw
Concrete Screw / Window Frame Concrete Screw / Furniture Screw
Stainless Steel Screw / Anchors

Socket Cap Screw / Hexagon Socket Head Cap Screw /

Carriage Bolt (Round Head Square Neck Bolt, Coach Bolt) /

Hex Flange Bolt / Elevator Bolt / Shoulder Bolt / T-Bolt / Plow Bolt / Double End Stud / Wheel Stud / Hex Bolt


Hex Nylon Nut / Hex Flange Nylon Nut / Hex Flange Nut /

Hex Flange Weld Nut / Hex Weld Nut / Square Weld Nut /

Round Weld Nut / Round Base T-Nut / Tube End Nut

Best Sourcing for Machining Parts

Mechanical Accessories / Auto Parts / Motorcycle Parts / 

Electronic Components / Metal Processing / Special Bolt & Nuts

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Metal stamping technology increase production rates, reduce labor costs, provide higher safety levels for factory workers and fasten turnaround time ...



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